Royal Touch Copper Perfume (50 ml)

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Lyla Blanc Royal Touch Copper Perfume (50 ml)


Royal Touch Copper from the house of Lyla Blanc London is a long-lasting perfume with a rustic and royal redolence. The top notes of, Patchouli, Bergamot, and Tobacco perfectly infuse with the middle notes of Cedar, Geranium, Tobacco, Musk, and Sandalwood to offer an elegant aroma that makes you stand apart from the rest of the crowd. The perfume further gets a fruity citrus finish with the infusion of a final note that has Pineapple, Plum Pear, Jasmin, Lemon, and Marigold. Royal Touch Copper is a versatile concoction that can be adorned for all occasions. The aroma from a single pump of this perfume lingers on for a long period of time, adding a dash of “Royal” to your personality throughout the day.


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